I started my photography journey in 2003 after my husband Daniel suggested that instead of constant complaining about his pictures I take a camera in my hands and start shooting. He even was ready to buy me a new digital camera which I demanded. So I had my first digital Olympus. That’s how it began. Daniel helped me a lot. At that time my greatest passion was photographing flowers and intimate landscapes. It still is. It fills me with joy and moves me. I take pictures of everything I consider beautiful. And there is so much beauty around us, everywhere. Then in 2010 I discovered BP. And a new, even more exciting chapter in my photography life started. One more passion I have is the Adobe Photoshop. All my images go through this amazing software even if it’s only for a slight color enhancement. Being a breast cancer survivor I appreciate the beauty of the world even more now than before. Photography helps me in many ways making my life emotionally and spiritually rich.